Introducing Sepehr Leather Middle East Company

Middle Eastern Sepehr Leather Company started its activity in the field of artificial leather production in Sepehr Nazar Abad Industrial City in 2013 and now it produces a wide and diverse range of PVC and PU synthetic leather under the supervision of the certification of International quality management “ISO 9001-2000” produces.

message from head manger

We put organizational health and integrity at the forefront of our day-to-day activities in order to protect our most valuable achievement, which is the provision of quality products, reliable support and reliable synchronization for customers.

We do not leave our customers alone at “Sepharcherm Middle East” and we are with them step by step from the first contact to the delivery of the product.

Alireza Malekpuri

علیرضا ملکپوری

علیرضا ملک پوری

Production of the best artificial leather

Middle East Sepehr Leather Company’s products include: artificial leather for home and office furniture , bags and shoes , cars ( car covers ) and PVC sheets (tablecloths, flooring, wall paper, car floor, curtains, etc.). This company is known as a modern and environmentally friendly factory by preserving and sustainably developing the environment in its production process and uses environmental solutions in all its activities.

Quality synthetic leather sales center

Sepehr Leather products have the highest quality and international standards, and all the products produced in the Sepehr Leather factory have different designs and a variety of colors that can be easily washed with all kinds of detergents.
The company Sepehr Leather Middle East started its activity in the field of synthetic leather production in the industrial town of Seper Nazar Abad in 2001 and currently offers a wide and varied assortment of synthetic leather “PVC” and “PU” under the brand “Nazar”. “ISO 9001-2000” certificate.

mobile:  0912-1113615

phone: 021-88548620-9

FAX: 021-88531363

Address: Tehran, North Sohrevardi Street, Khoramshahr Street (Apadana), near Eshghiyar Street (Niloufar), No. 105, Sepehr Building.