getting to know us

Sepehr Leather Middle East is a producer and exporter of all kinds of artificial leather products in the country, which with more than two decades of brilliant history in the leather industry and by using expert and capable human resources and modern machines and equipments in the production of all kinds of artificial leather, has been able to be in the group The best of the country’s artificial leather industry.

In order to continue quantitative and qualitative activities and optimally use its facilities and resources and obtain customer satisfaction, it has defined its strategic orientations in the organization’s quality policy, and with the participation of all employees, it has put institutionalization of the policy at the top of its agenda.

International sales in different commercial scales and with any amount of orders, the sales services of this company have been developed with special attention to the needs of customers 1838 years after its first production in 2 years.

Sepehr Leather Company launched its international trade department with a team of commercial and marketing specialists. And now, it offers a wide range of sales and after-sales services after the first customer contact with the orders and international delivery department, along with unique carrier insurances.

Customers’ orders, needs and opinions play an important role in the development of Sepehr Leather products. Sepahcheram customer service center receives about 10 comments from its customers every year.

For example, the production of products with softer materials and in a wide range of 7000 colors is modified annually according to customer feedback.

It is precisely this customer feedback that allows Sepehrcherm to produce a higher quality product, that is why we are trying to establish a solid and constructive relationship with our customers.


Sephercheram Company is ready to provide export services to the whole world through its unique transportation methods. Currently, countries from Asia to Europe are included in the shipping routing list as the main delivery locations.

Providing special services from loading to delivery of cargo, specialized care when adapting schedules and frequent air and sea shipments to multiple destinations around the world.

Sepehr Leather Middle East is taking steps towards attracting new markets and customer satisfaction by using complementary machines.

Sepehr management policy

By the grace of God, we have been able to spend sixteen years proudly with our expert colleagues and dear customers. In this way, respecting customers and satisfying them is one of our big goals, and we try to achieve this goal by producing high quality products and variety in production. With God’s help and by creating the development plan of Sepehr Leather Company, we intend to expand our activities in the domestic and international markets and play an important role in the development of industry and national production by providing job opportunities.

In order to continue quantitative and qualitative activities and make optimal use of its facilities and resources and to obtain customer satisfaction, Middle East Sepehrcherm Company, a producer of all kinds of artificial leather, has focused its strategic orientations around the following axes:

Understanding and identifying the demands of our customers, legal requirements, safety and trying to meet them
Belief in the human force and participation of this force as the main capital of the organization and efforts to preserve the dignity of this capital and increase productivity and improve the knowledge level of employees.
Promoting teamwork and increasing creativity and innovation through continuous training.
Continuous improvement through the implementation of the quality management system
All-round promotion and development of the organization and increase in competitiveness by increasing the sales of products and reducing waste in order to use resources optimally.

The management of Middle Eastern Sepehr Leather Company with the participation of all employees is obliged to implement and institutionalize the above policy in the organization and in order to achieve the goals of the quality management system and customer requirements, it puts this policy ISO9001:2008 at the top of its affairs.

Environmental Technology Sepehr Leather Middle East Company has put the preservation and sustainable development of the environment at the forefront of its production process and has taken effective steps in this field.

The mission of this company is to produce quality artificial leather taking into account environmental protection factors.

For this reason, by standardizing and modernizing equipment and modifying processes, it is known as a modern and environmentally friendly factory, and all the activities and production processes of the company are compatible with the environment.

Since the establishment of the factory until now, this industry has been one of the environmentally friendly industries and to achieve this goal or maintain a sustainable environment, this company has always used the following environmental solutions.

The company Sepehr Leather Middle East started its activity in the field of synthetic leather production in the industrial town of Seper Nazar Abad in 2001 and currently offers a wide and varied assortment of synthetic leather “PVC” and “PU” under the brand “Nazar”. “ISO 9001-2000” certificate.

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Address: Tehran, North Sohrevardi Street, Khoramshahr Street (Apadana), near Eshghiyar Street (Niloufar), No. 105, Sepehr Building.